December 19, 2012

Terms & Conditions


Every user is expected to undergo a training session for each different type of microscope they wish to use. Training will be provided free of charge. Users can only book and independently operate a microscope after attending a training session.



Equipment in the Facility can be booked up to two weeks in advance, online at:

on a first come, first served basis. Slots can be booked to start any time and for any length of time. Please limit your imaging session to less than four hours per day – unless you are doing time-lapse imaging of live cells. Kindly indicate this in the log when you book the system. Failure to show up to an instrument within 30 minutes of the booking time may result in loss of access to the microscope. Booked time and actual usage will be closely monitored. Consistent overbooking is discouraged and will be dealt with summarily.



Please cancel your booking if you are not going to use it- others may benefit from your cancellation. No charge will be made for bookings cancelled 1 hour prior to the booking. No charge will be made for cancellations due to circumstances beyond the users control (e.g. cells die, user is sick, etc.). Failure to show-up for your booking, without explanation will result in charging for the entire booking.

Users are responsible to log their usage in the logbook provided. Note that if the microscope is booked and usage is not logged, the no-show charge for the entire booking will apply. Users who book and then log their usage will only pay for what they actually use (but see above “overbooking”).


While the centre will make every effort to retain user data, users themselves are ultimately responsible for their own data. In particular, the facility will bear no responsibility for loss of data due to hardware failure or accidental removal.

All data should be located in clearly identifiable folders. Please do not place data on the “system” drive or on the desktop.

N.B. Any file left on the centre’s storage system for longer than 6 months, or that cannot be identified is subject to deletion or backing up by the facility staff at the rate of $50.00/DVD.


NB- Internal and External in this context is whether you are within the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry or not.

Hourly usage of the microscopes is debited monthly (from the 26th of the previous month to the 25th of the current month) to a speed code supplied by the user. All financial transactions are debited by the Medical Microbiology & Immunology finance team. After training, users should supply a speed code and an email approval by the grant holder that stipulates that the grant holder understands that the speed code will be used on a monthly recurring basis.


Internal Users External Users
Training No Charge No Charge
Digital Microscopes $10.00/hour $20.00/hour
Electron Microscopes $50.00/hour $50.00/hour
Confocal Microscopes $16.50/hour $35.00/hour
Image Analysis No Charge $15.00/hour*