January 5, 2013


The facility is managed by Dr. Stephen Ogg. If you would like to take advantage of any of the advanced microscopy equipment or techniques available within the centre, please contact me to discuss your imaging needs or fill out a training form on iLabs and return to me. Resources within the facility are available to all researchers within the faculty as well as external users. Please see our user fees & policies for a description of charges. Recently we have moved into our new home in the basement of the Katz building, in room B120. There are currently two electron microscopes, one SEM and one TEM, as well as two confocal microscopes in the imaging centre. These allow users to perform high resolution electron microscopy as well as live cell time-lapse fluorescence microscopy and other advanced fluorescence techniques such as fluorescence recovery after photobleaching – FRAP and Förster Resonance Energy Transfer – FRET.

We gratefully acknowledge contributions from the CFI and the province of Alberta to provide microscopy resources.