January 1, 2013


Applied Precision’s OMX super resolution microscope that uses structured illumination to break the diffraction barrier.

  • Lasers: 405, 488, 561, 642
  • Solid state conventional illumination for: DAPI, CFP, Alexa488, YFP, mCherry, Alexa568, Alexa633, Alexa647, Cy5
  • Lenses:  60X/1.42 Oil for structured illumination or deconvolution, 60X/1.49 for TIRF
  • 3X sCMOS cameras to simultaneously acquire 3 channels (light is separated by a set of dichroics, no moving parts). Can also be used to acquire 4 channels sequentially.
  • Two modes of microscopy possible – either structured illumination or fast live cell imaging. Fast live imaging means 10+ stacks per second – dependent on the thickness of your sample and the exposure time required to image your signal.
  • 37°C incubation and 5% CO2

See  http://www.omx.med.ualberta.ca for much more information