January 4, 2013

EM Preparative Equipment

Leica UC7 - Ultramicrotome

Leica EM UC7 Ultramicrotome: As the most recent model, this ultramicrotome provides not only 1-2 um thick semi-thin section of biological specimens (cell monolayer, cell pellet, and tissue sample) for immunofluorescence and immunohistochemistry, but also 50-90 nm thick ultra-thin section for conventional or immuno-TEM using a glass knife or diamond knife at room temperature.


Leica UC7:FC7 - Cryo-ultramicrotomeLeica EM FC7 Cryo-sectioning (4)

Leica EM FC7 Cryo-attachment: This cryo-attachment can be attached to the UC7 ulatramicrotome (see above) for cryo-sectioning of biological specimens (cell pellet or tissue sample) embedded with gelatin and cryo-protected with sucrose. Cryo-section can then be labeled with multiple antibodies and detected with secondary antibodies conjugated to different sized gold particles (immuno-TEM using Tokuyasu technique).


Leica CPC - Plunge freezerLeica CPC 03

Leica EM CPC: This cryo-preparation chamber is used to prepare biological specimens (virus, cell, and tissue samples) for plunge freezing into either propane or ethane. Roughly ~30 um of the specimen in depth becomes vitreous ice once it is fixed in liquid propane or ethane followed by the cryo-fixed sample can be observed using our Hitachi H-7650 TEM with a Gatan cryo-holder.