January 4, 2013



NB- Internal and External in this context is whether you are within the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry (internal)or not (external).

Hourly usage of the microscopes is debited monthly (from the 23rd of the previous month to the 22nd of the current month) to a speed code supplied by the user. All financial transactions are debited by the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry finance office using data supplied by iLabs, our booking and billing system. Prior to training, users are required to register in iLabs.

 Internal Users (per hr)External Users (per hr)
Digital microscopes (widefield fluorescence)$10.00$20.00
Confocal fluorescence microscopes$16.50$35.00
Super resolution fluorescence microscopes$20.00$50.00
Electron microscopes$50.00$50.00
Image analysisNo Charge$10.00