Welcome to the new Flow Cytometry Core Manager

A warm welcome to Andrea Holme, recently arrived to manage the faculty’s flow cytometry core facility. Andrea’s office is in the main MMI office, 6-020 Katz. Andrea is an expert not only in flow cytometry, but also has an extensive background in fluorescence microscopy and high content imaging. Originally from Glasgow – her accent has been Read more about Welcome to the new Flow Cytometry Core Manager[…]

New OMX Website

I have developed a new omx website where you can find all the information concerning structured illumination imaging using the new Applied Precision OMX super resolution microscope. Please visit www.omx.med.ualberta.ca to visit the new site.

OMX is here!

Super resolution has come to the cell imaging centre. In the guise of Applied Precision’s Deltavison OMX. This system can perform imaging of standard fluorescence samples with double the resolution of a “normal” confocal or widefield microscope. What is super resolution you ask? In conventional microscope systems, image resolution is limited by the angle of Read more about OMX is here![…]