OMX Install

Our brand new lovely super resolution microscope arrived during the last week in September. I have captured most of the installation. Divided into installation by crate #. Crate 1 Crate 2 Crate 3 cheap windows 7 software download Crate 4 Crate 5 Assembly zp8497586rq


Some histological samples images. Acquired while I worked in Dundee, UK. Originally collected by Laura Trinkle-Mulcahy and probably prepared and imaged by Declan Lunny and/or one of the fine staff from the light microscopy centre.

Steve at Work

I posed for this series of photos for a phtographer from the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry. They were going to publish a brochure advertising the core facilities. I wonder what happened to that idea? At least I got the photos!