Image Analysis Software Downloads

I have included links to the major microscope manufacturer’s software that is free. This is usually a “lite” version of the acquisition program that will allow you to open and view the images, but not manipulate them in any meaningful way. Often you can export from the proprietary format to some universal file format such as “.tiff” or “.jpg”.


ZEN LE  – for opening and viewing files from Zeiss LSM510, LSM700, LSM710, LSM780
AXIOVISION LE – for opening and viewing files from Zeiss widefield systems with a “.zvi” extension.



LAS AF -for viewing files acquired on the Leica SP5 confocal. Login as a guest user to this ftp site.
LCS Lite – for viewing files acquired on an older SP2 confocal. Login as a guest user to this ftp site.



NIS-Elements Viewer – Can be used to open images acquired form any of Nikon’s instruments.



Volocity – useful to open images saved from our spinning disk microscopes. Available as a 30 day free demo only. After this you’ll have to use our network license to login and use the Volocity software – contact Steve for instructions on how to access the license server.



Metamorph – Some of our microscopes use this software for acquisition. You cannot download a free or lite version, but you can find information out at this site.



ImageJ is an open source (i.e. FREE) image processing software developed at the NIH.

Many different plug-ins are available to read most of the proprietary formats. Some “ImageJ” information is available at the  ImageJ Wiki.


BIO FORMATS  is an ImageJ plug-in too able to open a huge list of formats, included as part of the FIJI (see below) offering.


“FIJI”, the easiest and simplest way to use IMAGEJ

FIJI is an an acronym that means Fiji is just imageJ.
For users, Fiji is easy to install and update, bundles a set of plugins in a coherent menu structure , along with comprehensive documentation. In addition, the software checks for the latest updates to all of its bundled components.
For developers, Fiji as an open source project is hosted on a Git source version control repository, with access to the source code of all internals, libraries and plugins, and eases the development and scripting of plugins.


OMERO – used as an “Image Database” to manage your images. Will accept any of the file formats used by the major microscope vendors. Can export jpg or tiff files. Contact Steve to get more info about our OMERO instantiation.