New Year, New Website

In with the new, out with the old. You will notice that the microscopy website has an updated look for 2013. It also has a couple of new features. You can now submit images through the website for entry into the “Image of the Month” contest. Every month I’ll be choosing one winner. Not only will you have your work and image showcased on the website, but you will win free microscopy. Every winner will receive $100 worth of free confocal microscopy. Winners will be chosen based on both scientific and aesthetic merit. Click on the link on the homepage, or navigate to the image of the month gallery to view the past winners and to visit the page where you can upload your own images for consideration. I have also tried to improve customer service by starting an online ticketing helpdesk system where you can submit requests and report problems, generating a ticket that can be tracked. One of the vast array of light microscopy gurus will respond to your request in a timely fashion. At least they would if there were a vast array. Currently it’s just me, so please be patient. Another change is the way new users request training. Previously, pdf files were downloaded, and returned to me with the pertinent information entered into the form. Now, new users are directed to a webpage where the information is entered. The request goes straight to my inbox,, by passing the need for troublesome pdf file generation.

I have tried to recreate the fucntionality of the previous website while at the same time streamlining the navigation and improving the user experience. The site should load faster and pages are responsive to screen size, adjusting themselves to the screen size of the device you are using to view the site. If there is something you notice that’s missing from the new site that you really liked about the old site, please let me know by clicking on the big blue button on the homepage that says “Request Training / Report Problem” and let me know.