Open Microscopy Environment

I have made an installation of OMERO available to all microscope users. OMERO is client-server software for visualisation, management and analysis of biological microscope images. Essentially a database for your images. You can import images from any of the microscopes in the facility- as well as many others, to keep them organised. Includes a built-in viewer for 3D multi-channel data so you can view any of your images without opening in proprietary software. I have installed the server. If you’re interested in using this tool, download the clients that are appropriate for your operating system here, and then contact Steve to get details on how to connect to our local instatiation of OMERO.

The clients are written in Java and are used to import, manage and analyse data. Additionally, once images are in your OMERO, you can connect to the database via any web browser to view and manage your data.