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Our Strengths

Fluorescence microscopy

electron microscopy

live cell imaging

super resolution

About us

The Cell Imaging Centre is the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry's core microscopy facility.
The Cell Imaging Centre provides services and training for imaging and analysis of live or fixed cells and tissues.

We offer a wide range of cutting-edge image acquisition equipment and expert consultation for experimental design related to light and electron microscopy. Full technical assistance – from sample processing through image analysis – is available on a wide range of equipment.

Conventional TEM/SEM service includes consultation, specimen fixation, processing, sectioning and imaging plus about 5 high resolution images. The Cell Imaging Centre will provide fixative for specimens. Options include cryo processing, immuno-labelling, negative staining and correlative imaging with light microscopy.

Spinning Disc ConfocalKGR B-120G
Spinning Disc ConfocalKGR 6-080A
Spinning Disc ConfocalLKS Level 5
Leica SP5KGR B-120G
Olympus FV-1000HMRC 1-77A
Zeiss LSM 510MSB 5-07E
Hitachi H-7650 TEMKGR B-120E
Hitachi S-4800 FE-SEMKGR B-120F

The Experts

The people who help you image


Steve coordinates the imaging centre’s activities and is responsible for “Big Picture” stuff

Woo Jung

Electron Microscopy Specialist
Woo Jung takes care of all of the electron microscopy. Whether you need help planning an EM experiment, learning how to embed samples, or how to fix your cells for optimal imaging, Woo Jung is the expert.


Light Microscopy Specialist
Greg is the point of contact for all light microscopy questions. He can help you schedule training, troubleshoot a microscope issue, or help you design quantitative microscopy experiments to enhance your research project.