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Microscope Reservations

The green button will take you to the CIC web calendaring system where you can reserve a microscope for your use. This button now takes you to the new iLab system for reserving microscopes!


Click the red button to see a list of all the techniques and protocols I have added to the website. Tips both for microscopy and sample preparation.

Microscope Status

As of December 27, 2014 at 12:22 pm,

the status of each of the microscopes is:

Spinning Disc ConfocalKGR B-120G
Spinning Disc ConfocalKGR 6-080A
Spinning Disc ConfocalLKS Level 5
Leica SP5KGR B-120G
Olympus FV-1000HMRC 1-77A
Zeiss LSM 510MSB 5-07E
Hitachi H-7650 TEMKGR B-120E
Hitachi S-4800 FE-SEMKGR B-120F