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Microscope Reservations

The green button will take you to the CIC web calendaring system where you can reserve a microscope for your use. This button now takes you to the new iLab system for reserving microscopes!


Click the red button to see a list of all the techniques and protocols I have added to the website. Tips both for microscopy and sample preparation.

Current Status

  • OMX is down June 23, 2014

    OMX stage is non functional. Repair beginning today 23/06/2014. Estimated to be functional again sometime tomorrow.


  • SP5 is down June 23, 2014

    The Leica SP5 Confocal is currently awaiting repair for a faulty AOTF board or power supply.

    Estimate repair date is July 3rd.



  • No Issues February 14, 2014

    Currently no known issues with any of our microscopes.